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Technical Services Power and Controls Specialists


Dynamo Electric understands that reliability and performance is essential for your electrical service. Our mission is to keep your service up and running without interruption with our testing, repair and replacement services. And in emergency situations, Dynamo can respond quickly to get your operation back up and running.


Our Engineers and Technicians are trained to install, test and service a wide spectrum of electrical equipment brands. Dynamo professionals follow specific and well established procedures and methods to ensure that the equipment performs exactly as intended. Dynamo follows standard testing and commissioning procedures set by organizations like NETA (International Electrical Testing Association and ANSI (American National Standards Institute).


Acceptance and Maintenance Testing


  • Independent third party testing on all manufacturer's equipment 

  • Verify that equipment was manufactured to specification requirements.

  • Provide a solid benchmark for future performance

  • Maximize system reliability

  • Extend equipment life span

  • Ensure safe operation










Electrical Equipment Maintenance Programs

Dynamo Electric will work with our clients to develop a solid understanding of their system requirements and come up with a cost effective and efficient maintenance programs to meet any schedule with minimal downtime.



  • Predictive Maintenance and testing

  • Infared Thermography

  • Insulating Oil Analysis

  • Protective Relay Testing


Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Services

  • Modifications and Upgrading
  • Maintenance and Testing
  • Rebuilds and retrofits




Power Quality - Measurement and Analysis

Power systems of today are using state of the art technology for communication and control. These systems are very sensitive to subtle power surges, voltage drops and harmonic disturbances. These power quality variations can lead to equipment malfunction or damage. It becomes imperative to ensure that any  power quality issues are addressed and minimized to avoid costly downtime. Dynamo Electric will work with you to develop a cost effective/innovative solution to reduce/eliminate any power quality issues you may have.

  • Capacitor specification and Installation
  • Harmonics Monitoring and Analysis
  • System Capacity




Transformer Services

  • Installation Assembly and repair
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Tap-Changer maintenance and repair
  • Insulating oil Analysis
  • Vacuum Filling
  • On-Line Processing