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ELECTRICAL SERVICES Power and Controls Specialists


Dynamo Electric provides the best in class electrical installation service with the highest level of professionalism, drawing upon the expertise character of our safety-focused, highly trained team members.


High Voltage Installations

  • Dead End Structures
  • Substation Construction
  • Transformer Assembly
  • Transformer Oil Dehydration/Degasification Vacuum Filling
  • Commissioning and Startup



Medium Voltage Installations

  • 5-15 kV Switchgear
  • 5 kV Motor Control Centers
  • 5-15 kV Distribution Transformers
  • 5-15 kV Cable Terminations
  • Commissioning and Start-up




Low Voltage Installations

  • 480 and 600 V Motor Control Centers
  • Motor and VFD Controls
  • Emergency Generation




      I & C Installations

      • Tubing
      • PLC Programming
      • Instrument Calibration
      • Loop Tuning
      • Commissioning and Start-up
      • Valve Timing
      • Compressor controls





      Control Panel Fabrication

      Our panel fabrication team will build and pre-wire control panels  for easy installation in the field. All panels are fully tested before being released to the customer.  

      • 3rd party CSA approval
      • Custom Design
      • Retrofit
      • Device mounting 
      • Wiring
      • Point to point testing


      Hazardous Area Locations

      Working in a hazardous area requires an understanding of the environment and taking the necessary precautions. Dynamo Electric has the experience and knowledge to reduce the risks involved when working in these type of environments. 

      • Class I, II, III
      • Division 1, 2
      • Zone 0-2



      Other Services

      • QA/QC Inspections and Audits
      • Emergency Repairs
      • Cable repairs and fault locating